By: Carlos "Gninja" Mora

Within the cavernous depths of Thalumbra, uncounted creatures cloaked in mystery lie in wait for the unsuspecting adventurer. Adversaries range from crafty gnemlin outcasts whose creations have grown out of control, to ancient beasts of indescribable terror unlike any ever seen on Norrath’s surface. Raids range in difficulty, ensuring everyone from entry level guilds all the way up to the most seasoned raiders will have plenty of challenges in store for them throughout the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion!

Raid Preview 1

Investigate the laboratory of a nearly mad gnemlin by the name of Bhoughbh who has taken over a portion of Maldura and needs your help cleaning up the mess he has made. His creations are running amuck and only you can help him pick up the pieces. Help him right his wrongs and get him back on the path to becoming one of tinkering’s greatest minds. This adventure is meant for 2 full groups!

Raid Preview 2

On the opposite side of Maldura a war rages between two factions, the Graybeard dhalgar are locked in deadly battle with the unliving Ashenfell guard. Each lays claim to Maldura for themselves, and each will tolerate no interruption in their quest to claim the city for themselves. Choose your side, and if you are strong enough to tip the balance in the fight you’ll be richly rewarded by the victors. A force of at least 4 groups will be required to ensure victory.

Raid Preview 3

Outside the grand door to the Underfoot, the Stygian Threshold and all its denizens await raiders who wish to challenge their hold on this magical realm. Travel deep within this completely flyable raid zone and challenge the Iron Forged Constructs who stand guard at the door to the Duke’s plane. Be sure to bring at least 4 groups or you may join the ranks of those who have stepped across the Stygian Threshold and never returned!

Raid Preview 4

Glimmering lights far out in the deep sea may tempt the brave or unwary to enter Kralet Penumbra, teeming with aberrants. But, is something larger controlling them? Do they speak as one? Will you become their next beguiled pet? Probably. Beware, something ancient stirs within this dark citadel and without a force of at least 4 groups you may not live to tell the tale of what dark dangers you’ll find inside.

Raid Trophies

A selection of the raid trophies. More will be available! 

Terrors of Thalumbra, EverQuest II's 12th Expansion, is now in Beta and available to pre-order. Get your copy today!

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