By: Emily "Domino" Taylor

Stygian Threshold Preview 1

The border between the plane of Underfoot and the mortal realm is often hard to define. Deep within the wilds of Thalumbra, the Stygian Threshold is one of those rare locations where a gate to the Underfoot exists permanently. Such close proximity to Brell’s realm has had strange effects on the adjacent region.

Stygian Threshold 3

Travelers in the Stygian Threshold will find ancient forests, strangely affected by an odd corruption that is causing the living tissue to crystallize, and having equally strange effects on the forest’s residents. A tribe of kobolds, drawn to the power of their creator, also makes their permanent home here. Their spirits will return to Brell’s realm in death, and in life they seek the proximity of the great gate in order to protect and draw strength from it. There are outcasts from the tribe here too, and their motivations may be more sinister! Beware too of Zaraxia, matron of spiders, who has created a lair to protect the her offspring. The acidic pools and silken snares have turned many unwary travelers into a spider’s dinner.

Stygian Threshold 2

The power that emanates from the portal is such that it attracts the interest of many, and not all of them may have benign intent. Visitors to the Stygian Threshold will need to deal with a wide variety of powerful creatures who may not appreciate the intrusion of outsiders. Adventurers will find advanced solo, heroic, and entry level raid content here. Tread softly on the doorstep of the gods, and keep your sword in hand.

Stygian Threshold 4

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