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For Windows Only


Instant Access!

Level 85 Heroic Characters!

  • Fly Straight to Level 85
  • Try before you buy – Free to level 86
  • Huge bag of goodies including a FLYING MOUNT
  • Experience the newest content!
Your Character
  • More than a dozen Races and Classes to choose from.
  • Join a thriving, active community of thousands.
  • Power through 90 levels of unparalleled gameplay.
Your Story
  • Strong heritage and lore with 10 years of continous development.
  • Independently leveled Tradeskill system with deep quest lines.
  • Unique and robust Housing system with dozens of styles.
Your Adventure
  • Adventure your way - from solo to groups, from raids to PVP.
  • More than 5,000 creatures to battle and 8,000 quests to complete.
  • Hundreds of gorgeous, expansive, and dangerous zones to explore.