By: Emily "Domino" Taylor

Tradeskill Preview 1

In the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion, crafters who have reached tradeskill level 100 will receive a letter from Captain Ethan of the Far Seas Trading Company. You’ve assisted him in the past, and he’d like your assistance once again as the FSTC investigates reports of strange elemental attacks that have been occurring all around Norrath. Where did these elementals come from, and why do they appear to have mechanical parts inside them, made of a type of ore you’ve never seen? Your investigation will bring you in contact with old friends and new, as you gather information and piece together a trail of clues that will lead you, if you are clever and diligent, to the mysterious new realm of Thalumbra.

Tradeskill Preview 2

Once in this new region, you’ll need to earn the trust of the local residents, evaluate the situation and the dangers, and learn who you can trust… and who they can’t. Crafters of all adventure levels will uncover the dark secrets in the city of Maldura, work with the locals to try and find solutions, and maybe even find a way that crafting might help to save the city. This expansion brings least 20 new tradeskill quests, plus a tradeskill signature quest and an additional 8 repeatable weekly missions, plus new tradeskill collection quests, and more. Tradeskill quests can be completed at any adventure level, but those who are also level 100 in adventuring will additionally be able to use a new Relic type item with significantly useful benefits in combat.

Tradeskill Preview 3

There is no increase in the tradeskill or adventure level cap, but new level 100 tradeskill writs will be available for those who’d rather use the new harvest materials and recipes, and all 9 tradeskill classes will receive new recipe books and will also have new goodies to earn from the Maldura tradeskill faction. In addition to the normal items each class is accustomed to making (such as weapons, furniture, potions, etc), crafters will gain access to recipes for powerful purple runes, infusers, as well as recipes to upgrade items that will be very useful to adventurers during certain raids. Crafters can also acquire a new Maldura themed set of crafting stations for their home, and more.

Tradeskill Preview 4

Whether or not you’re a level 100 adventurer, there’s plenty for crafters to do and see in the Terrors of Thalumbra. See you in Maldura!

Tradeskill Preview 5