The launch of GU 100 is just around the corner! So far, we’ve unveiled The Island of Zek Scourge Wastes, the new Fabled Zones, and the raids in Scourge Keep. Today, to get you ready for the anticipated Thursday, April 28th launch, we’re going to introduce you to the new Experience Vial system!

By: Robert “Caith” Fouts

Ever wish you could bottle up your hard-earned experience and share it with your friend or guildmate? Wait no longer, and allow me to introduce the new Experience Vial system!

Experience Vials will allow players to purchase empty vials off of the EverQuest 2 Marketplace for Daybreak Cash; these vials can be used to “bottle” experience points as you earn them. Once you fill up an empty vial, you will be able to claim a full vial which you can give to a friend or alt, sell on the broker, or even save for yourself for later.

Here is how the system works:

You will notice that there is a new icon attached to the left side of your experience bar. This is the nerve center for the Experience Vial system, and it is where you can control everything about your experience vials. In the screenshot below you will see that we currently do not have any active experience vials, but that the XP Siphon and Auto-Consume functions are active. Both the siphon and auto-consume functions are dependent on having an active vial, so in this case, we would not see any change to our normal play experience.


Note the three experience vials which you can see in the backpack above, however, as we are now going to examine them. When you examine a vial, this is what you’ll see:


XP Capacity: This is the amount of experience required to fill the vial.
XP Conversion Rate: This is the efficiency of the vial. In this case, 60% of the experience siphoned by the system will count towards filling the vial.

Once you consume an Experience Vial, the system has been activated. Right-clicking on the Experience Vial bubble will allow you to control the system. You may also examine the Experience Vial you are currently using, which will bring up the item examine window, or provide you a quick link to the Marketplace to purchase empty vials.

From this menu you can also disable the XP Siphon, allowing you to earn experience as normal instead of having it siphon into your vial. Disabling Auto-Consume will force the system to stop siphoning experience after you have filled a single vial. To re-enable the system, you will need to consume another vial from your inventory.

While experience is being siphoned, it may not be used for any other purposes. Thus, you will not be earning tithe or AA experience.

Mousing over the Experience Vial bubble while the system is active will grant you a detailed look at what is going on “under the hood.” The amount of experience currently stored by the system, the conversion rate, what type of experience is being stored, and more can all be seen on this popup.


While the system is active, your experience point earnings will be explained in detail in the chat window. In the example below I have earned 10,000 adventure XP, which is then converted into 6,000 XP and stored in the currently-active vial.


Mousing over the window vial bubble will display the current totals in the vial.

If you want to remove an active vial to return it to your inventory before it’s done filling (so you can pass the vial off to another character on your account, for example), you can do that, but know this first! Any experience currently stored on the vial will be lost, so be absolutely sure you want to return an active vial to your inventory before removing it.

Once you have filled up your Experience Vial, the counter on the vial will go up, indicating you have a filled vial to claim. In the case below you will note that the system auto-consumed one of my remaining empty vials and is continuing to siphon experience points.


You may now right click and claim your filled experience vials, which may be traded or consumed at your leisure. Experience granted from a vial works in all ways as if you earned it from a quest or defeating a creature, and thus will grant tithe, or can be converted into AA experience depending on how you have your experience slider set.


While the content for GU 100 will be released only to All Access Members, this new Experience Vial system is accessible in the Marketplace and usable by all players on regular servers*! Who will you share your experience with first?

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*XP Vials will not be available on the TLE server Stormhold.