EverQuest II is planning to launch GU 100 on Thursday, April 28th! These new zones, content, and features will be available to members only. GU 100 is designed for our highest level players.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the new Fabled Zones that will be part of GU 100.


By: Carlos “Gninja” Mora

Remember going into Ruins of Varsoon and making that leap into one of the side tunnels? Lace up your boots, as this is one of the zones we are giving the “Fabled” treatment this time around. The dungeon will be leveled up to current content of level 100 and given new and exciting loot to chase. Chamber of Immortality, Temple of Cazic-Thule, and Sanctum of Fear are also being made available as “Fabled” versions.

This new content should have some of your favorite parts of the dungeons made appropriate for the most seasoned adventurers. Even Venekor himself is rumored to make an appearance within the Fabled Temple. Ruins of Varsoon and Temple of Cazic-Thule will both be contested dungeons set to low minimum limits to spin up new instances, so that if the zone gets too crowded you can enter a new one where you might have more luck hunting down those specific named creatures you are looking for. Chamber of Immortality and Sanctum of Fear will also have interesting new boss loot waiting to be discovered. All of these zones will be available to subscribers with the upcoming GU100 release.


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