The moment we’ve been talking about for months has finally arrived: it’s the launch day for GU100! Are you ready to voyage to the Scourge Wastes and take on terrifying new adversaries? Will you be scouting for shinies to complete over forty new collections? Is your heart ready to connect itself to its true mate? All this and more awaits you with the launch of GU100!

GU100 Available Now 

Access to special zones is one of the perks of having an All Access membership. In GU100 we’ve added Zek, the Scourge Wastes and Scourge Keep. Also, Fabled versions of Ruins of Varsoon, Temple of Cazic-Thule, Chamber of Immortality, and Sanctum of Fear that have been updated for level 100 players. You’ll need an active membership to adventure in these zones.

Before you head off to the Island of Zek, take a few moments to revisit the earlier previews:


And there’s more! Also coming with GU100 are the following new additions to Norrath that are available to all players, regardless of membership:

Heartbound and The Shard of Love

Are you ready to bind yourself to your one and only in game? Seek out the Heartstone and you can become Heartbound to another player! To continue this joyous occasion of love and merriment, the Shard of Love is now available as an Agnostic zone for levels 20-100. It is also be available on Stormhold, the time-locked expansion server!

New Equipment Stat: Resolve

Strengthening your character’s resolve will allow you to take on stronger and stronger opponents. All Terrors of Thalumbra items have gained the resolve stat to help get you started!

New In the Marketplace

There are many great additions coming to the Marketplace when GU100 launches! Ever wish you could bottle up your hard-earned experience and share it with your friend or guildmate? Wait no longer, you can learn more about the new Experience Vial System here.

Owl Mounts and Owl Pets are also available today! There will be one variation of the Owl Mount that can only be earned in GU100 content; the other can be purchased from the Marketplace!

Owl Mount

The “Night Owl Egg,” also available in the Marketplace, grants one random owl pet upon opening.

 Pet Owls

Are you ready to experience GU100? We wish you the best on your adventures, brave Norrathian! Tell us tales of your braveries on Twitter, Facebook, or our official forums.

Note: Access to Zek, the Scourge Wastes, Scourge Keep, and Fabled zones that were updated with GU100 requires Membership. Not a member? Find out more at