New Mercenary Crates are now available in the Marketplace starting today, April 28th, 2016!

The new Stormcaller series features mercenaries who are fashioned after the ever-popular Perrin Wanderhoof, and they use Fury class abilities! There are 10 new appearances for this popular mercenary, including some very unique and sought-after versions like this fierce warrior:


Also, with the new Mercenary Crate, we’re introducing a new Ultra Rare Unique mercenary: Calyptor Atha, Sentinel of Dawn, the Aviak Guardian! This mercenary uses guardian abilities and has had his aggro-holding abilities souped up under the hood! This will be an epic mercenary, able to venture out and help you smite the enemies of your choosing. Stand firm, friend, and stay by Atha’s side to get you through the challenges ahead!

Calyptor Atha

These new Mercenary Crates are available in the Marketplace in the usual 1, 3, and 7 packs at the usual prices. Be sure to grab them now, as these mercenaries will only be available for a limited time!