Are you ready to test your mettle in this round of the Proving Grounds? Will you begin the work to form lifelong bonds with mysterious menagerie creatures? Jump in to GU103: The Menagerie – available now! 

GU103: The Menagerie

Cooperative Competition Zones

For a limited time, get in and compete against other players to fight to the finish first!

In our first two Cooperative Competition Zones, two groups of up to six to compete against each other in timed races to see who can complete the challenge first. The fastest times for each round are recorded on a leaderboard. Each time there is a different challenge, the fastest group in that round could possibly win an extra set of rewards. Participating in these limited time events is your way to earn rewards like powerful orange adornments, unique titles, new familiars, and more.

GU103 Orange Adornment

Proving Grounds utilize the battleground server technology and allow players cross server to compete with or against each other. Players will need to zone into the battleground server to take part of these Proving Grounds. They can do that by clicking one of the portal objects found in all major cities. Once they do they queue up via the Proving Grounds tab of matchmaker (Alt Z).

The first two events are both “Race to Completion” challenges:

Proving Grounds: Battle for Felwithe – Runs May 9 - 16

The citizens of Felwithe are a proud, protective people. In this pocket dimension of their ancient city, you have the opportunity to show your strength, cunning, and will to survive. As two groups compete, who will defeat the New Tunarians within their own home first?

Proving Grounds: Battle Upon the High Seas –Runs May 16 - 23

It's high time the Brokenskull pirates receive a taste of their own medicine. You're not the only ones who will have them shouting "abandon ship!" Another group of competitors will be boarding another Brokenskull ship nearby. Toss these pirates overboard and be the first to capture the ship.

Don’t miss out on these, as they’re only available for a limited time. 


Familiars are unique pets that provide their masters with powerful buffs. Some of the more unique and rare familiars have custom abilities or buffs for level 100 characters based on the familiar creature type.

EQ2 Familiars

The Familiars tab provides you with the ability to apply the stats of one familiar to the appearance of another, giving you more ways to customize these new in-game creatures.

New Kunark Ascending Content

Come see how the story for this expansion wraps up, when you complete the Kunark Ascending epilogue quest. The epilogue is available to everyone that has completed their epic 2.0.

Also, look for a new heritage quest starting in Obulus Frontier.

Looking For More Information?

To learn more about GU103: The Menagerie and to see what else the EQ2 team has coming up this year, check out these letters from the team: