Greetings, fair Norrathians!

The team has been busier than a pack of Brownies in a bag of catnip! There’s plenty coming up this year, so let’s get right to it, shall we?!

First, on Tuesday, May 9th we are launching the first of our Level 100 Co-opetition Challenges in the Proving Grounds! What the heck is “co-opetition”? Well…Cooperative Competition, of course!

In teams, you can compete side-by-side with other groups – and even sabotage their progress – as you mow through baddies so you can win! Why win? For new loot and bragging rights! We will start with one Co-opetition Challenge and switch it out with a new match type or layout periodically. Woot!

But what if you aren’t level 100?! We’ve got your back! If your EverQuest II account was created before today (April 20, 2017), you will be able to claim one free Level 100 Boost Bauble for one character. The Boost Bauble offer will begin on Tuesday, May 9 around noon PDT and end on Monday, May 22 at 11:59PM PDT. The Boost Bauble will get a single character to level 100 (if it is below that level) and grant you a set of gear that will allow you to jump right into the Co-opetition Challenge and compete. The Boost also makes characters heroic enough for Kunark Ascending expansion content! If you have a new account created today or later, you can claim a Boost Bauble if you buy an active membership during the date and time ranges noted above.

If you want to check out the action, we will be livestreaming the morning it goes live! Come watch as developers show off their first foray in the Proving Grounds as they try to win against a team of players. Details of the livestream are below and we hope you can join us!


At the same time, you can bid a warm welcome to a new feature: Familiars! Norrathians will begin to form lifelong bonds with mysterious, menagerie creatures. These creatures grant their owners benefits and bonuses that will take your hero to new heights! (Some Familiars will give players stats that allow them to go beyond stat caps!) Familiars will drop in the Proving Grounds as well as Kunark Ascending missions and public quests!

Not only all that, but we are preparing to release another Time-Locked Expansion Progression Server called “Fallen Gate” this summer. This particular server is unique in a few ways. I call it the “Heritage Hoarder” server. Why? Every Heritage quest you complete will enable all the characters on your account to claim new Heritage rewards! Expansions on Fallen Gate are set to unlock every twelve weeks. The dates will be on a schedule we will make available.

For more details on all this news and more on Fallen Gate, please read Kander’s Candor post here.

Also, in case there was any doubt, I wanted to share that we have been working on this year’s expansion for quite a while now. Look for more on that coming later in the year.

As we head into the summer, we wanted to renew our commitment to chatting with players. I invited Lauren McLemore, our producer, to tell you more about our in-game chat plans and more!

Sincerely, as ever,

Holly “Windstalker” Longdale



Hello friends!

I’m very happy to announce that Windstalker, Kander, and I, along with some other team members, will be hosting Ask Me Anything’s on live servers later this month! We want to get in the game and hear from you. To that end, each server will have its own timeslot so everyone will have the chance to come and chat with us. These AMA’s will be spread out over April 26th through May 1st and each is planned to last an hour. We’ll do our best to answers as many of your questions as we can!

You can find the detailed schedule of the AMA’s near the bottom of Kander’s Candor.

This will be my very first AMA and I can’t wait for the chance to talk with all of you. Be sure to get all of your questions ready! I’m really excited for everything upcoming and hope you all are too!

Until then,

Lauren “Mooncast” McLemore