Adventuring can be lonely business but nothing cures that like a companion who won’t talk back when you throw them into the fray! 

If you haven’t seen them, Familiars are unique pets that provide their masters with powerful buffs. Some of the more unique and rare familiars have custom abilities or buffs for level 100 characters based on the familiar creature type.  Here is what each Gilded Familiar Cage may contain:


  • Living Gargoyle
  • Lowland Tuatara
  • Toxxulian Prowler
  • Sapphire Ethernere Drake
  • Skittering Darkbone
  • Deeplurker Cepholex
  • Ethereal Planeshifter
  • Crimson Construct
  • Verdant Chitin Terror
  • Vermillion, Bonebreaker



If you are looking for a mercenary to augment your combat experience, Archon crates have new options available.  This variety of Inquisitors, of varying rarity, will bring both healing and wrath to any encounter!  Each crate will contain one of the following:

  • Singulta, Dark Essence
  • Fangefan, The Trapped
  • Snehcil, the Ever Growing
  • Kosa Mano
  • Ka’Mao
  • Yazkuhr’El, the Deadly
  • Ricket, the Destroyer
  • Wadjat, Dark Protector
  • Lykos Aukohn
  • Mirka Frostcoat
  • And the extremely rare Calyptor Atha!


Both these items are now available on the Marketplace in 1, 3, and 7 packs!  If you’d like to learn more about GU 103: The Menagerie be sure to read our article here