Can't wait to answer the call of Druzzil Ro and embark on the new Tradeskill Signature quest line? A level Tradeskill Level 100 Boost is now available in the Marketplace!

The Tradeskill Level 100 Boost is available for 3500 DBC and will set an adventurer's level to 100 in their Tradeskill class. If they are still an Artisan and have not yet chosen a Tradeskill class, they will be able to pick one when using the boost. The boost will also grant 500 skill in tinkering, adorning, transmuting, and each of the adventurer's specific Tradeskill class skills.

 If you're eager to get to work on the new Tradeskill Signature quest line, this boost might be perfect for you! Plus, if you're an All Access Member, you'll also recieve an additional 10% off your boost (and more)! You can learn more about All Access perks here.