After a hard fought battle in Molten Throne, the adventurers of Norrath were able to put a stop to the plans of the Tenets of Hate, and destroy their portal into the Plane of Time. Although the planes were saved and that threat has passed, the victory came at an unexpected price.

It will be up to the skilled crafters of Norrath to avert the new crisis, and help make the multiverse safe once more. Join Druzzil Ro, Varig Ro, and other members of the pantheon of Norrath as they work to stop an emerging danger before it is too late.

Varig Ro

Level 100 crafters of any profession will receive a letter from Druzzil Ro, who will be requesting their help on this endeavor. The adventure will take the tradeskillers of Norrath across the planes of influence, including the Tower of Ro, Bastion of Thunder, and the Plane of Disease as they put their unique skills to use in a bid to thwart a growing threat. 

Druzzil Ro

Tradeskillers who partake of this adventure will level from 100 to 110 and earn new and powerful recipes to aid adventurers in their more destructive endeavors, as well as personal crafting benefits to enhance your ability to ply your trade.


The new Tradeskill Signature quest line will launch as a part of GU105: A Stitch in Time on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. You can read more about the upcoming game update here.