Greetings Norrathians!

It’s quickly approaching that time of the year again, and we are excited to announce our 15th expansion, EverQuest II: Chaos Descending! Your adventures in the Planes aren’t over yet, and this year you’ll delve deeper into the Elemental Planes to deal with the Chaos that resides within them. You’ll encounter some familiar, and some not-so-familiar faces along your way, and your journeys will take you through the Earthen Badlands, the Kingdom of Wind, the Unresting Waters, the Burning Lands, and the Great Library.

These Planes are full of deadly, powerful gods and beings. One such goddess you will meet on your quest is E’ci, the very essence of ice and the second member of the Triumvirate of Water.

Make sure to stay tuned for additional information about this year’s expansion as we’ll be revealing more expansion details and information about pre-orders and beta in the upcoming weeks. EverQuest II: Chaos Descending is slated for launch this November with pre-order and beta coming in October!

To help pass the time, as we all wait eagerly for more planar adventures, there are a series of promotions running until expansion launch:


We hope you’ve been enjoying all the content so far this year, but there is more to come from the spooky Nights of the Dead, the celebratory Hereos’ Festival, and the chilly cheer of Frostfell. It is because of our players that we can deliver these magical moments, and we are incredibly grateful for the continued support of each and every one of you!


See you in Norrath!

Lauren “Mooncast” McLemore

Producer, EQ & EQ2