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Expansion Prelude Event: Against the Elements


Elementals are raging across Norrath! But who or what is to blame? The ranks of Freeport’s Academy of Arcane Science and Qeynos’ Concordium have been stretched thin as they attempt to investigate the destructive phenomenon.

Against the Elements

Those wishing to volunteer their services for the investigation, and to help battle the onslaught, are encouraged to speak with the Concordium Pupil Adepts or Academy Apprentices who have been sent all across the world. In this time of need, heroes of all levels are encouraged to help quell these violent occurences - this means that all characters can participate in this expansion predule event, and that the quest has requires no prerequisites!

Against the Elements

Those who help defeat the raging elementals will be able to pick up a number of handsome new rewards! The Academy of Arcane Science and Concordium merchants have 41 new items, and a few returning ones, that they are looking to exchange for elemental storm shreds.

Against the Elements Rewards

Norrath needs your help to put an end to the destruction! Against the Elements will be available up until the next EverQuest II expansion launches this November. 


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