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Familiar Season 3 is Coming!


Familiar Season 3 is just around the corner! Along with a whole bushel of new familiars to collect, Season 3 also overhauls the way familiars can level! 

Familiars are unique pets that grant their masters powerful buffs. Rare and Ultra Rare Familiars are also worth status! Some of these new Familiars will be dropped in-game and others will be available to purchase in the Marketplace.

Season 3 Familiars

In addition to familiar training potions, you will also be able to use new familiars level your favorite familiar. The amount of experience that the familiar is worth is based on the tier of the familiar. Common treasured familiars are worth 100 experience, while uncommon legendary familiars are worth 1,000. Fabled and ethereal familiars are worth even more!

Be very sure you wish to consume the familiar you selected. Once you consume a familiar, it will be removed from your inventory. This cannot be undone.

Once you have consumed a familiar and added its experience to your summoned familiar, you will receive a print out in your chat that tells you how much experience you have on this familiar, as well as how much experience you need for the next level. You may also right click and “Get Experience Info” on your currently summoned familiar to see how much experience it currently has, and how much is needed for the next level.

*Familiars cannot be consumed out of your familiar collection, only from your inventory bags. Familiars earned through /claim, quests, and any other specialized way will not be able to be consumed for experience.


The new familiar leveling system is just one of the new features coming to Norrath with GU105: A Stitch in Time on Tuesday, February 13, 2018. You can read more about the upcoming game update here.


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