First, we would like to share this outstanding key art for this expansion!

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We are certain this image has piqued your interest, so head on to the expansion landing page to get more details!
If you’re ready for pre-ordering already, jump on over to the pre-order page for details on the different editions. All pre-order editions include the Wroughtlands Smasher Pet and access to the beta server!

Wroughtlands Smasher Pet

Beta for the expansion has started today and will end once the Ballads of Zimara is ready to ship. To join your fellow Norrathians on the Beta server, get your pre-order as you check out the amazing landing page. As a reminder, you can find instructions about how to join beta here. If you’re unable to see or post in the Beta forums after your pre-order purchase, please reach out to Angeliana via private message.

Key things to check out on Beta: 

  • Adventure level cap increase to 130
  • Tradeskill level cap increase to 130
  • New signature tradeskill quests
  • New signature adventure quests
  • New adventure quests
  • New achievements
  • New collections
  • Heroic Zones
  • Raids Zones
  • Advanced Research - Expand your arsenal interactively!
  • Chrono Dungeons - Re-challenge your favorite encounters! 

Time to copy your characters and get ready to face new and exciting adventures! To all who participate in Beta, we deeply appreciate your time and feedback and there will be beta rewards. Have fun out there and thank you again to everyone participating in the Ballads of Zimara beta!

Here is a list of the Beta Rewards:

  • Ballads of Zimara Tradeskill Beta Reward
    • Legendary Familiar: Jovial Patchcraft Chomper
    • Faction Boost: Sky Watcher Sodality [20,000]
  • Ballads of Zimara Quest Beta Reward
    • Fabled Mount: Hyrimfax, Firelord
  • Ballads of Zimara Quest Completion Beta Reward
    • Fabled Mount: Hengaron, Stormlord
  • Ballads of Zimara Solo Beta Reward
    • Legendary Familiar: Jopal Terrorizer
    • 200 Imperial Adventurer's Mint
  • Ballads of Zimara Heroic Tier 1 Beta Reward
    • Fabled Familiar: Stoic Soulstealer
    • 200 Imperial Hero's Mint
  • Ballads of Zimara Heroic Tier 2 Beta Reward
    • Celestial Familiar: Grannus Firebrand
    • 200 Mira Miracula
  • Ballads of Zimara Heroic Completion Beta Reward
    • (Temporary 90 day) Zone Lockout Reset
    • (Temporary 90 day) Ballads of Zimara Mission Reset
  • Ballads of Zimara Raid Beta Reward
    • (Temporary 90 day) Zone Lockout Reset
    • (Temporary 90 day) Ballads of Zimara Mission Reset
    • Zimaran Ballad, currency used in Ballads of Zimara

Fabled Mount: Hengaron, Stormlord and Celestial Familiar: Grannus Firebrand

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