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Ballads of Zimara

Calamitous impacts upon Norrath were but an overture to the songs of strife and oppression ringing out from the Plane of Sky. Norrathians, venture to the firmament lands in hopes of wresting lasting peace from a despotic foe, the Djinn Sovereign, and his growing army of metallic djinn!

In the wake of disastrous impact events near shoreside communities, Norrath's exceptional adventurers and artisans find themselves swept up in a raging struggle for survival in the skies far above! Splendor Sky Aerie, the hooluk’s secluded nest lands, are being invaded. Securing peace for them will mean venturing where few have ever dared - Zimara Breadth, within the deteriorating Plane of Sky! Here, the legendary Djinn Sovereign, commands a ruthless army made up of djinn of all sorts, including something never seen before - maedjinn. These metallic djinn may just hold the clue to his downfall though, when the figure tied to their creation within the Aether Wroughtlands is revealed to be a captive, held deep within Vaashkaani, Alcazar of Zimara. The opulent palace is both throne and dungeon! But is freeing the captive in our future? Can the Djinn Sovereign be defeated? And what of his vast army of maedjinn? The answers are found within the Ballads of Zimara!

New Lands to Discover

Ballads of Zimara Features

Experience New Dungeons & Raids

Ascend to new realms to discover new and fantastic dungeons and raid content.

New Adventure & Tradeskill Quests

Journey on the winds with 5 additional adventure and tradeskill levels and soar to realms yet to be discovered.

Ballads of Zimara Exclusive

A beautiful new armor set, exclusive to the new expansion.

Additional Features

  • Adventure and Tradeskill Level Increase to 130
  • All new Solo, Heroic, and Raid content in firmamental realms tied to the Plane of Sky, including Aether Wroughtlands
  • Expand your arsenal interactively with Advanced Research
  • Re-challenge your favorite encounters in Chrono Dungeons
  • New Signature quests in the Overealm and beyond

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