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EQII Share

EQII Share is our latest in-game feature which allows you to broadcast your accomplishments in EverQuest II to your favorite social media accounts. Track your accomplishments such as Achievements, Character Levels, Tradeskill Advances, Boss Kills and more!

You can broadcast to one account or to all accounts.

How to set up EQII Share

When you log into EQ II, you will visit the Persona Window. You will see options to enable Facebook Updates, Twitter Updates and EQ2Players Updates.

Simply check the boxes representing the social media options. You will be prompted to authorize these applications to post on your behalf. For example, if you wish to connect to Facebook, you will see the following pop up box:

If you are not already logged into Facebook, you will be prompted to do so at that time.

After you have logged in, you will get the authorization pop up window. Simply click on "Allow" and you'll be connected!

How to use EQII Share

When you are in-game, you can share your activity with the following commands:

  • /twitter or /tweet - send an update to your linked Twitter account.
  • /facebook - send an update to your linked Facebook account.
  • /share - send an update to all linked accounts.
Want to turn off EQII Share?

Launch your Persona Window and uncheck the boxes. You will no longer broadcast to your social media profiles.

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