Lore has it that Anashti Sul, once the Goddess of Health, attempted to destroy death itself, and in doing so introduced undeath to Norrath. The actions of Anashti Sul were so fearful that the other gods of Norrath saw fit to banish her to the Void in an attempt to destroy her forever. Since her escape from the Void, Anashti Sul is plotting to reclaim what she believes is rightfully hers. This Origins Server is named in the honor of what she was and what she has become! 

This server starts in The Shattered Lands era (no expansions unlocked), and you’ll get to experience the look and challenge of the classic world of Norrath. Systems will seem less complex, stats and gameplay are reflective of the 2006 era, and there is more focus on grouping with that old school MMO feel! If you missed out on the 2006 version of EverQuest II, you should check out the redux of it in 2024 on Anashti Sul; it’s mind-blowing!

The tentative launch schedule is 4 months of Shattered Lands, 2 months of The Bloodline Chronicles, and 2 months of The Splitpaw Saga, and then Desert of Flames. The length of Desert of Flames expansion has not been determined yet. We'll be monitoring the population if changes are needed to this tentative schedule.

To patch and get into Anashti Sul: 

  • Open your LaunchPad and login. 
  • In the top-left corner, click the 'Version' link which will open the 'Select Game Version' panel. 
  • Choose 'Origins’ in the drop-down menu, and then hit 'Apply' to begin patching. 
  • Hit 'Play' once patching has completed. 

You must be an All-Access member to access Anashti Sul. A hearty thanks to everyone who logged into Beta and provided feedback!

Anashti Sul Trailer

Other information: 

  • There is no spell research. 
  • Krono is not able to be consumed, traded, or sold on an Origins server. 
  • Attributes have restored secondary functionality, agility will help avoid melee attacks, intelligence will increase ability potency, strength will increase melee damage, and wisdom will grant extra resistance. 
  • All bosses are original stat/buff packages. 
  • No weight. It could not be restored. 
  • No holiday events. 
  • There is a marketplace, but it it is very limited. 
  • It is not free trade.
  • This server is on its own design depot.
    • This is the first time for this type of separation for EverQuest II.
    • It cannot be affected by Live design updates, and vice versa.
    • Code and Art are still across all server types, for a variety of reasons. For example, connections to external or shared resources such as Database, Authentication, etc. have completely changed over the years.
  • Freeport and Qeynos are back to old school, in both appearance and functionality.
    • Livable neighborhoods and the 2006 quests are back!
  • No persistent instances.
  • No tradeskill subcombines.
    • The current build is right after subcombines for crafting were removed.
  • Origins works like EU, where characters on that server are separate from US. So, if you have 10 slots (membership + purchased), you could have 10 characters each on US, EU, and Origins. 

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