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What is Player Studio™?

Player Studio is a program that offers players the opportunity to tap into their own creativity by designing in-game items that can be sold in the marketplace of their favorite participating online game.


How does the Player Studio™ program work?

SOE's Player Studio program invites players to download sample geometry files for actual in-game objects and through the use of standard third party art tools, learn how to develop, design and personalize items of their own – from re-coloring and re-texturing, to reshaping an item's geometry. Once complete, players are encouraged to name and create a description for their item, describe how the item will fit into the prospective game’s ongoing narrative storyline, and submit it to SOE for review and possible inclusion in the SOE Marketplace. If a player-created item is selected for inclusion in the SOE Marketplace, SOE will share 40% of the net amount it receives from the sale of the item with the player that created the item.


Who can participate in the Player Studio™ program?

The Player Studio program is available free of charge to all eligible players 18 and older who have a Station Account in good standing. Players under 18 may participate with the help of a parent or legal guardian. The first phase of the program will be available to U.S.-based players, and we plan to quickly expand the program over time to include other countries.


Which games are included in this program?

The Player Studio program is slated to kick off with EverQuest®, EverQuest® II, and Free Realms®. We will explore the possibility of adding more SOE games to the program in the future.


How can I get started making items?

For more information on how to get started in SOE's Player Studio program, visit

Additionally, following is a list of useful third party art tools for helping to create in-game items:

3D Modeling:
Maya -
3ds Max -
Blender -
Wings3D -
Modo -

Photoshop -
Paint.NET -

Tutorials and Online Digital Communities:


When will more details be available?

We will be announcing more information and details about the Player Studio program at this year's SOE Live event on October 18-21, 2012. For more information on SOE Live, visit