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Win Big at SOE Live 2013!


One of the big attractions every year at SOE Live is our tournament lineup, and this year doesn't disappoint!


Starting off our Tournaments at 9 pm* on Thursday, August 1, 2013 is the Legends of Norrath SOE Live 2013 Championship! With $1,000 of prize money at stake, be sure to arrive with a Standard Constructed deck ready to play. The Legends of Norrath SOE Live 2013 Championship will be a single elimination tournament with this deck, so start practicing now!


Up next on August 2, 2013, are the Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online Tournaments. Starting off at 10am* is Planetside 2 with the PlanetSide 2: Ultimate Squad Showdown. Grab 5 of your friends and form a team of 6 to compete for kills, captures, and glory. Who knows, you might be taking home part of a purse that totals over $10,000! DCUO will follow at 1pm* with the DC Universe Online: Legends PvP Tournament. Pairs of majestic heroes or dastardly villains will battle it out in a single elimination tournament to split $6,000 in prizes.


Last, but certainly not least, are EverQuest: Death, Death, Death and EverQuest 2: Pillage and Plunder! Starting on August 3, 2013 at 9am*, these challenges pit groups of 6 brave adventurers in a race to kill the most mighty bosses (EQ) or complete an instance the fastest (EQII). With more than $10,000 of prize money for each game, these tournaments are sure to be hotly contested!

Will you be the victor? You'll need to be at SOE Live to participate!

*Scheduling for these tournaments is subject to change, please make sure to review eligibility requirements.

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