By: Nathan "Kaitheel" McCall

Deep underneath Norrath lies a realm, on the edge of the Plane of the Underfoot, known as Thalumbra. Though long thought of as the domain of Brell Serilis, unlucky explorers and inexperienced spelunkers quickly find the denizens of below are not limited to those of his creation. This expansive, subterranean kingdom is home to fabled races, and ancient, unimaginable terrors, including Aberrants, poxfiends, fathomlurkers and cepholex! Here, under innumerable layers of stone, their eternal struggle to survive has shaped them, forcing them to develop sophisticated weapons or intricate defenses.

Thalumbra Preview

Thalumbra Preview 1

What luminescence pierces through the oppressive, dank, and dismal darkness of the under depths, whether arcane or biological, is suspect. Many an organism entices another with a glint or a spark! This knowledge may cause you to rethink your own exploration of Luminous Peaks, a particularly well lit region of Thalumbra. Here, amongst the overwhelming canopy of foliage, it is easy for even the most imposing barbarian to feel dwarfed!

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Thalumbra Preview 2

Those undeterred by the fierce flora and deadly fauna are fated to come face-to-face with the glaufaye, an ancient race of fairy-like beings whose residence within Thalumbra predates that of dwarves or roekilik. You'll uncover their shrouded past, discovering their eternal burden, bestowed upon them by a forgotten god, and how it intrinsically links them with not only the dhalgar and gnemlin people of Maldura, but also the threats currently facing Thalumbra, and all of Norrath.

Join us, as we shine a torch upon the Terrors of Thalumbra, and explore this dangerous new realm!

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