It’s that time of year. The time when the creaking stair seems to squeak a little bit louder than normal. When the chill up your spine runs deep through your bones. When the wind is full of the sounds of flapping wings, and you’re not quite sure what may be lurking behind that hedge… it’s time for Nights of the Dead!

Nights of the Dead

Nights of the Dead is an annual festival in Norrath where daring adventurers and skilled crafters come together to celebrate those things that go bump in the night. This year, the spirits have brought with them some new illusions, rewards, and more.


New for 2015:

  • New illusions added to the Gigglegibber Goblin’s Unpredictable Illusion
  • New costume illusions available from Nights of the Dead Merchants
  • New rewards for favorite returning Nights of the Dead events
  • New recipe book, “Celebrations of the Dead VIII”

New Items

The things you love (or fear!) about Nights of the Dead are returning as well, including the Headless Horseman event, the Haunted Mansion, the Haunted Hedgemaze, and plenty of creatures ready to drop Nights of the Dead treats for anyone daring to cross their path.

And don’t forget, if you’re seeking to take to the skies on the back of a bat, the new Bat Mount and more seasonal items have made their way into the EQII Marketplace. The first round was introduced on October 1, and on October 8, new Player Studio items will be joining the mix!

  • New Player Studio Items to look for:
  • Creature of the Night Cloak
  • Cerimonial Wand of the Concordium
  • Big Betsy
  • Dark Marble Statue
  • Dragonpit
  • Dungeons and Drachnids Starter Set
  • Mr. Mystery
  • Graveyard Bundle
  • Here Lies
  • Malvren Grave
  • Restin Piece
  • Weeping Widow
  • Horrors of the East
  • Oni Mask Bundle
  • Fishing Kappa Pond Statue
  • Scary Oni Mask
  • Terrifying Oni Mask
  • Jack's Guest House
  • Los Muertos Azul
  • Los Muertos Verde
  • Los Muertos Rojo
  • Rustic Wooden Stairway
  • Maudlin Heights Manor Bundle
  • Maudlin Heights Manor Roof
  • Maudlin Heights Manor Door
  • Maudlin Heights Manor Upper Room
  • Maudlin Heights Manor Lower Room
  • Maudlin Heights Manor Tall Loft
  • Maudlin Heights Manor Large Loft

Don’t miss out on this haunting good time. The spirits will only be hanging around Norrath from Thursday, October 8, 2015 at 12:01AM Pacific through Monday, November 2, 2015 at 11:59PM Pacific.

And remember, you could memorialize your spooky, scary scream-fest and WIN a new Daybreak Cash card! Read the full details and enter the Halloween giveaway here.