by Ry “Roshen” Schueller

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Kerafyrm has turned Temple of Veeshan into a floating fortress!

Temple of Veeshan 1

Suspended by Kerafyrm’s magic, the Temple of Veeshan hovers ominously above Norrath. The first Tear of Veeshan has increased Kerafyrm’s power by an order of magnitude, and he is using the power of the Tear to force Temple of Veeshan through the veil between Norrath and Ethernere.

Temple of Veeshan 2

Vulak’Aerr’s Dominion: This is the wing of the Temple of Veeshan where adventurers will encounter Kerafyrm’s most battle-hardened commanders. Will doing battle with the forces of Vulak’Aerr be too much for Norrathians to handle?

Temple of Veeshan 3

Halls of the Betrayer: What was once known as the Halls of Testing is now more of a holding area for dragons who are waiting for Kerafyrm to decide if they are prisoners or honored “guests” of the Temple of Veeshan.

Temple of Veeshan 4

Laboratory of Mutation: This area of the fortress is devoted to magical research and contains much of the Temple of Veeshan’s technology. It is here that players will witness the true nature of the research Kerafyrm has commissioned.

What does Temple of Veeshan have in store for those brave - or perhaps foolhardy - enough to venture into this floating fortress?

This expansion releases on Tuesday, November 12, 2013! Pre-order Tears of Veeshan today