By: Erin Oakley

First announced at SOE Live 2013, the Channeler is a new player class coming on November 12 with the EverQuest II Tears of Veeshan expansion. Here’s an overview of this unique DPS healer:

A Priest with a Bow?:

You heard right! The Channeler uses magically-charged shots to deal damage and heal their Construct and party members. Channelers can also wear leather armor, allowing them to take a few extra hits and keep on firing.

The Pet Rock:

The Channeler’s companion is a stone golem known as a Construct, and it’s the first truly customizable pet in EverQuestII. Channelers have a special Construct menu with 10 slots: 6 to choose the Construct’s appearance, and 4 for special abilities and buffs. Both appearance items and combat abilities can be found in the wild, so keep hunting!

Preventative Healing:

The Channeler uses the Construct to absorb damage for a single target or for the whole group. Unlike traditional “combat pets,” the Construct cannot be directly attacked and cannot die: when its health falls below 25%, it simply stops absorbing damage. Channelers can boost their Construct’s health by leveling and increasing their own Crit bonus and Potency.


Channelers have a special bar for Conduit abilities: repairing their construct, burst healing, debuffs, and other useful spells. However, using Conduit abilities generates Dissonance, and too much Dissonance will prevent the Channeler from being able to use their Conduit bar until it recedes.

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