The launch of EverQuest II’s next great adventure, the Tears of Veeshan, will be here November 12th and we hope you are as excited as we are.  It’s also your final opportunity to earn amazing Beta rewards by trying out the content, and to pre-order the expansion to receive your Veeshan Loyalty Cloak. 

No Tears of Veeshan fashion ensemble will be fabulous without this accessory which says “I’m looking good but also ok with murdering evil dragons.”

This item is only available with a pre-order of the expansion which is no longer available after Monday at 12:00 AM PT, so don’t miss the last chance to purchase yours today!

This is also the final weekend to earn in game Beta rewards for testing out the Vesspyr Isles and new heroic dungeons.   We want feedback to make these the outstanding content you are looking for and this is your chance!  As a bonus you get free stuff on your live character. 

Go test and earn rewards! 

Finally, the Nights of the Dead items will no longer be available with the launch of Tears of Veeshan.  Grab those spooky purchases while you still can!