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Stay Connected!


Stay Connected


Hello all,

It’s important to us here at the Sony Online Entertainment to keep all of our fans up to date with the goings-on in their favorite games. One way we do this is with reminder emails for Station Cash specials and sales in your game’s Marketplace. Sometimes, as a special treat, we share notes from a game’s producer or news about major game updates this way. 

“Hey SOE! I’ve never received an email like that before? How can I change that?” 

It’s quite simple, friend! Head on over to and click “My Account,” located on the top right of the page, and then select “Join Newsletter.”

My Account Image

The first thing you will want to do on this page is make sure your email address is correct. Then tell us what SOE games you are most interested in receiving information about!

Check all of the boxes

If you’ve checked your settings and you are set up to receive emails from us but you aren’t currently receiving any of our emails, here are some things to check: 

Is your email address incorrect? Double check by clicking “My Account,” then select “Join Newsletter.” The email address on file is listed at the top of the page. The option to update this is available in the same location.

Do you have the correct game(s) selected? Carefully go down the list of games and double check. If you find you have everything correct, uncheck them all, then click submit. Then go back and select the games you would like to receive emails for and click submit again. This should force an update to your account.

Check your settings on your email account. It’s possible that you have our emails blocked or they are being marked as spam. You will need to allow mail from and

We want to be able to share information with our players and fans in whatever ways are best for them. SOE mailing lists are just one way we make getting updates on your SOE games easy for you!