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EverQuest II Player Spotlight: Gracee


SOE Player Spotlight

By: Erin Oakley

Whether you’re into questing, crafting, or collecting, there are lots of ways to enjoy your time in Norrath. Gracee, has been selected for this’s month’s the recipient of this month’s Player Spotlight, is a decorator in EverQuest II. She’s most proud of the home for a special Shadowknight: her husband, Akojo:

Q: What is the name of your home or in-game creation?
Akojo’s Freeport Apartment (by Gracee) – now on the Hall of Fame on Crushbone server.

Q: What was your inspiration or theme as you designed your home?
This home was inspired by my husband Akojo. He had seen me do so many houses/halls and quietly sat back and never asked me to decorate one for him. I suggested it – he jumped on it, and asked me to do his Shadowknight’s house in Freeport. He asked for a nice relaxing place that he could go at the end of a hard day’s battle, and find comfort. His one request was a torture room that he could continue his studies of the living (and the dead), which I found creepy to make. This is the one and probably only torture room I’ll ever attempt and was so creeped out at the outcome – I don’t even visit that room. He also requested an aquarium, so I made that my first project in the house and let the colors dictate the rest of that room.

Q: What is your favorite item that you have on display in your home? What makes it special to you?
The one item I’m the most proud of is his toilet. I know – what a dumb thing to get excited over, but I was able to actually make the seat “left up” as most men do. It still makes me giggle to see it, and marks it as a definite male’s house. I also love the pergola in the outdoor area which was very fun to make.

EverQuest 2 in-game home
Click for larger image

Q: What server do you play on? In your opinion, what makes your server special?
I play on the Crushbone server as Gracee. Crushbone is my home and I love this server. The people are so friendly and help when you need it. For example, my alchemist was hunting several level 60’s advanced books. The crafting channel on this server went above and beyond to find those silly books for me. And I’m talking about logging into all their chars to see if they had it.

Decorating is my game. I believe it’s not the server you are on – but the decorating community that makes the difference. The great people in Homeshow channel are the best. /join Antonia_Bayle.Homeshow to be in the channel with some of the best and most helpful decorators in the game. I spent a couple years teaching people to use the layout editor on the test server, or actually made trips to most servers to teach those who couldn’t get to the test server. Jesdyr worked tirelessly to make the layout editor better and better for teaching. I think I taught over 300 people total to use this great tool, and to find it was easier than they anticipated. But, with the learning came an obligation to teach others – which spread the use of the layout editor like wildfire over all servers.

Gracee sums up her experiences in EQII beautifully: “That is my goal in game: to promote decorating for anyone who enjoys it, sharing ideas, and make it easier to do the things we all want to do. I love each and every decorator for their passion, and their results are amazing.”

If you’d like to be featured in a future Player Spotlight article, check out the official forums thread here!

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