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Brasse's Blog: Player Got Talent! - TIME IS RUNNING OUT!



American Idol?
So You Think You Can Dance?
The Voice?

How about Player Got Talent?

You have always wanted to be on stage at SOE Live. You've always wanted to be a STAR! In 2013, for the first time ever, we invite you to join us in the spotlight! I mean, how hard can it be to upstage a Dwarf, right?

brasse on stage at SOE Live 2012

Surely you've got more talent than this Dwarf?!?!

This is your chance to audition for our stage show... we'll select five finalists to perform LIVE and be rated by our hardcore Devs and your fellow attendees in a brand new feature we call "PLAYER GOT TALENT!" And SOE staff, you can join in the fun too!

Dancing SOE Staff Member

Think you can match his awesome dance skills?!?!

Due to technical limitations, we cannot support full bands or groups with highly specialized requirements or acts with dangerous elements. You'll have a microphone or three, a spotlight, and nothing else. To illustrate what we can and cannot support:

  • Dude with acoustic guitar, yes. Guy with bagpipes, absolutely! Full on heavy metal band, no.
  • Tapdancing routine, yes. Tapdancing elephant troupe, no.
  • Magic act, yes. Pistol marksmanship or blindfolded knife-throwing, no.
  • Fireworks display - would be way cool but HECK NO!

Get the idea? GOOD!


Please send a link to your video to
Please put PLAYER GOT TALENT in the subject line.
Deadline for submissions: July 1, 2013 - selections will be announced shortly thereafter.

Selected participants will be granted a free all-access pass to SOE Live, but must get there on their own. Participants will be required to sign a waiver with lots of small print, before the performance.
If we do not receive at least five video auditions of the caliber we seek, we may just opt to put any outstanding entries on stage anyway!

Audience at SOE Live 2012

Just think -- this year, they could all be applauding for YOU!

Now get working on your audition video! Riverdance, yodeling, illusions, rapping, gymnastics... BRING IT TO SOE LIVE! Any questions? Ask me on Twitter@Brasse or email us at

Ohhhh, I can hardly wait for this!

~ Brasse ;-)#