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Friends, Fun, and Cool Rewards: Introducing SOE Recruit Rewards!


Recruit Rewards Banner

As any MMO player knows, everything is more fun with friends.  With that in mind, Sony Online Entertainment is rolling out their brand new Recruit Rewards program!  Station Account holders can earn exclusive items just by inviting friends to join them in their favorite SOE games.* Here’s an overview of how the program works: 

The Invite:  Use the recruiter invite page to generate an email or a custom link that’s perfect for posting on social media (hint!).  The message will include all the information your friend needs to get up and running in the game you’ve suggested.  Currently, the Recruit Rewards Program includes EverQuest®, EverQuest 2®, and Planetside 2®, but DC Universe™ Online will be added soon. 

A Warm Welcome: Your friend gets a free in-game Welcome Kit just for registering.  This makes you look even more awesome, since you’ve just introduced them to their new favorite game and gotten them free stuff.  What a pal!  To claim their Welcome Kit, your friend must simply create an account as directed in the referral message, install the game, and log in, where it will be waiting for them. 

Leveling Up:  As your friend plays, any qualifying purchases they make add up toward the reward threshold of $10**.   Eligible purchases include in-game items and software for the current participating games (EQ, EQ2 and PS2), but also includes any Station Cash bought during the 60 day period.  Check out the Recruit Rewards site for complete details on eligible purchases. 

DING! When your friend meets the requirement within 60 days, they become an Official Recruit.  (Given the dazzling array of finely-crafted house items, awesome mounts, lethal weaponry, and stylish animal-print camouflage that they have to choose from, this should be easy.)  Your friend will get another reward for their participation, and you’ll get a choice of Recruiter rewards and an increase in your Achievement Rank.  And the higher the Rank, the cooler the items, so keep sending out those invites! 

For more information on the SOE Recruit Rewards program and a detailed FAQ, check out the official site

The Fine Print:

*Terms and Conditions apply.  Your Station Account must be in good standing.  To qualify as a Recruit, the invitee must either have no existing Station Account or have not logged in to a qualifying SOE game for at least 6 months prior to invitation.

**$10USD applies to US Station Account holders, for customers paying in alternative currencies, please visit for information regarding qualifying amounts by currency.

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