Good day Norrathians!

We’re heading into summer and looking ahead to more entertaining updates and the expansion. Below I’m going to list the update plans like I did last month to keep you in the loop on what’s coming up!

For July, including this week:

  • Status Point Merchant Updates: New items added
  • Summer Ethereal weapons! And we’ll have Artifact versions of these too!
  • Aerakyn Lore & Legend Quest
  • Tinkerfest!
  • Ages End: The Final Chapter (a X2 instance)

And in August:

  • New Loyalty items
  • Nexus Duo Challenge instance. (Also SOE Live week!)
  • Moonlight Enchantments content additions
  • Status Point XP Bonus Days

We also have a few promotions, too. We’re going to run a “Holidays in July” sale from July 3-8 that will include all previous holiday items (Frostfell, Nights of the Dead, etc.). At the same time we will run a 40% off rebate for most items in the store. Heroic Characters will be excluded, but remain at 25% off for members. The ToV expansion will remain at 15% for everyone.

Come join us in Norrath this summer!

Sincerely, as always,

Holly "Windstalker" Longdale
Sr. Producer
EverQuest II

P.S: Let us know what you think of our plans! Join the conversation over on our Forums.