By: Colette “Dexella” Murphy

Why should you download EverQuest Worlds, the mobile app for EverQuest, EverQuest II, Landmark, and EverQuest Next? Because by completing the awesome quests and mini-games, you have a chance at some great rewards! Here are eight rewards available through the app (and how to get them).

EQ Worlds App

A Mount in EverQuest or an Appearance Weapon in EverQuest II
By completing the Future Echoes Quest, you can get the EverQuest Destrier Mount (choice of 4) or the EverQuest II Sanguine Ruined Greatblade

Exclusive Music
You can get EverQuest Next music files by completing the Ties the Bind quest and by playing the Book of Magic mini-game!

EverQuest Next Fiction eBooks
Many of the eBooks for EverQuest Next are available through the app! By playing the Book of Magic and the EQ Trivia mini-games, these eBooks could be yours!

Experience Potions
The Marching Onward quest will reward XP potions for EQ or EQII.

Station Cash
The quest “A New Beginning” and the quest “Heroic Journey” both reward 250 Station Cash (each).

Landmark 7-Day Closed Beta Key
Not part of Landmark’s Closed Beta yet? Need to add more time to your keys you’ve already collected? Play the EverGuess mini-game and the reward is a 7-Day Closed Beta key!

Landmark Lunar Anklet
Feel lighter than air as you jump across the landscape of Landmark with this unique in-game item, which is the reward for completing the Landmark Live quest.

Landmark Forum Avatars
Unlock additional avatars for use on the Landmark forum by playing Mineral Match.

Stay tuned for additional quests, mini-games, and rewards to be added to EverQuest Worlds in the future!