Welcome to Episode 7 of Kander's Candor, we've been gone for a few weeks but we're back and hotter than ever (No seriously it's really warm in here, someone should have checked the AC.)


Questions answered this week!

CharbrynEQ2 -

With the recently released ability to buy the epic 2.0 abilities for 0c on the Seru merchant at level 120, can it be possible to put the Awakened Abilities recipe book on that vendor for purchase with status/plat/expac currency, or similarly priced at 0c if you are crafter level 120 (perhaps requiring the crafting timeline being completed as well)? Barring that, adding it to the Anchorage merchants to be bought with chits (high amount even) would be nice. I've been doing all the dailies that can drop this book well, daily, and no dice. With all the fragments we get now, would be nice to be able to upgrade my alts without having to commission (it's a lengthy process since you have to make every single tier).

Chikkin -

Thanks for these podcasts, and let me say I can listen to you talking about stupid stuff for a long time lol /thumbs up
More fun stuff, reminiscing, behind the scenes jokes and anecdotes would be awesome, with your years of experience in this business I'm sure you guys have tons of things to share.

My question: Can you please implement some sort of Class reset token. Like race token, or betrayal, or tradeskill reset NPC something that will allow my once played characters to be converted to a class I actually enjoy now and will play.
I, and many others, have toons we once tried and played, accumulated cool or non tradeable, non transferable items, houses, mounts, toons who now sit and gather dust, hesitant to delete because of the hoard of items that would be deleted with them.
And I realize this can cost DB cash, or Loyalty tokens or whatever other means of payment, but please let us switch classes /plead

dirgenoobforreal -

I would like to ask two questions here:

1) Can we talk a bit about the raid lag. What is causing it and when can we expect a fix?
2) Will there ever be implemented a way to improve your character outside of raiding? The current meta is do heroics for a month and then raid until summer events. A way to improve your character outside of raiding would be welcome as the game is currently extremely top heavy with raiding being the only way to improve your character.

FracasCrusher -

Damage numbers are pretty outlandish. Is EQ2 ever going to squash/revamp combat system?

Aradar -

Any chance you'll allow mounts to be used in all player housing?


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