Welcome to Episode 8 of Kander's Candor, It's a quick one this week we want to make sure you get to dive into this quickly. Kander works with dreamweaver to pronounce his name a little better and the questions come at a quick clip. 


Questions answered this week!

Grrrrl -

(TLE) Is there going to be an upgraded mount like in DOF from instance bosses in EOF? Its the bestest and especially going into ROK it would be a shame to not have a new upgraded version since DOF drops will no longer be accessible because of level increases/ mobs being grayed out. (Pretty please and tosses up some metal horns for emphasis)


Liav - 

How difficult would it be to get replicas of Mage mythical weapons that are flagged as appearance only for the ranged slot?

I know this is a super fluff question, but since the introduction of wands to the game it has always saddened me that mage mythical weapons are only ever seen sheathed. Especially with RoK coming up soon on Kaladim, I had been wishing I could display my Wizard mythical weapon as a wand.


Nucleear - 

Been wanting to ask this for a couple of years now.

Heroic Opportunities. They were the thing that got me addicted to this game initially when it was in its infancy. As we all may know, heroic opportunities are a system of symbol combinations in which players synergize and chain to achieve a cool effect, buff, or damage strike. Those "symbols" are found on your profession spells. These combos can to my knowledge run up to 4 seperate abilities in a chain. To me, it was a way for players to get a bit "extra" out of teamwork; or just matching the symbols on a pretty wheel.

Unfortunately, the scaling for those effects, buffs, and damage strikes have by and large not stood the test of time. My question is, are there or could there be plans to scale this system to the numbers flowing now, or perhaps an expansion upon Balanced Synergy?


SgtPmpkn -

I know its been said many times, but as a player from launch i want to emphasize that the recipe/book drop rate system is the worst its ever been. Missing so many regular books as a crafter sucks (never have I needed regular expert sage books at this point in any expac), and the RNG for runes is even worse.

So question - what are the plans for this system? Will we see any change, or is this the way it will be for the expac?



I would like to know if the ethereal tokens from last summer will be made heirloom. Thanks.


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