Norrathians! Lend me your ears!

Memorial Day weekend will be upon us soon: a time to reflect and be thankful. To all our players missing loved ones across the globe, know that you have our deepest appreciation. This weekend, we would like to do our small part in bringing our EQ2 family together.

For the weekend,  we’ll be enabling Limited Time Familiar Training Drops, Limited Time Mount Training Drops, and Limited Time Mercenary Training Drops,.  Also, we’ve discounted familiar packs in the store for the weekend.

Familiars are flying off the shelves!

All familiar packs are 20% off this weekend!


A new quest begins.

There are tales of evil villains and strong monsters hoarding the pieces to a priceless artifact called the Scepter of Shadows, what is the item for? Why has it been separated? Finding a piece might prove challenging, but it will be the beginning of your quest brave Norrathian. So arm thyselves and prepare for battle. 

At the end of you quest you'll receive the following rewards!

Please note this quest is not tied to the memorial day weekend and has been added to the game,


We'll see you in game, and have a great weekend!

The bonus weekend and sale will begin at 12 PM PT on Friday, May 22, 2020, and will end at 12 PM PT on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.