It's time for another episode of Kander's Candor, Dreamweaver and Kander are still at home and trying not to melt in this episode. But it's time to talk about TLEs, Spells, and Veteran's Rewards!
Questions answered this week!
Aradar - Is there any cooperation with the EQ1 team, when it comes to sharing good features? Here are two major things I would like to see implemented in EQ2 that is available in EQ1: 1: Option to filter spell effects to "My spells only", "Group spells" "My spells and NPC" etc. It's a much better option than the current EQ2 one. 2: Can we have EQ1 loot system please? It's such a great feature in that game, to have the game remember if you want to greed, need or never loot the item again.
Rippit -
1. So this question specifically applies to TLE, (Kaladim) I would love to know the thought process behind removing what can easily be classified as the most nostalgic or defining part of the game, set bonuses. 2. Add on to the above question. Will we see set bonuses return in the most crucial expansions, such as RoK and even more so TSO? This change sucks the life out of the game.... 3.Will we continue to see additional content such as the Avatars? I think this was a great addition for the TLE how ever to make this more successful and engaging/fun for the community the loot should be "Top Tier" and properly itemized, a defining mage weapon should not have scout stats etc...Moving into ROK/TSO the avatar charms should be the greatest thing next to sliced bread
Replay -
I would like to know if there are any plans to expand on the Guild hall amenities and rewards for guild levels past 100 (or whatever the level is that stops giving amenity slots). Also, I, for one, loved the Arena areas (not the battle grounds), the pvp areas like in Maj'Dul, etc.. We held guild FFA and Last-man-standing challenges; and sometimes just hung out for a change of game pace. Is there any way to introduce these back into the game? Being a 20-veteran of EQ/EQ2, I always looked forward to the veteran rewards. I was disappointed to see them done away with. Can these be brought back?


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