Welcome to Kander's Candor Episode 5 - Rain, Hogwarts houses, Heritage Quests, and more on this week's episode of Kander's Candor! 



Questions from players!


Heritage Quests missing from the last few years!


From forum user Bendigeidfran - 


1. Can we have a heroic gem merchant added to BoL - the gems are really stacking up beyond what'll be needed even to upgrade to challenge-level gear!


2. Can some consideration be given to giving heroic-only players a pathway to the raid gear? Allow a conversion of heroic tokens to raid tokens, even at a high conversion rate of (say) 100 to one. I appreciate the age-old argument that "if you don't raid, the raid gear is too OP" and whathaveyou, but with the advent of challenge/expert levels, that raid gear would be nice (even just the red adorns available on the Sanctus Seru merchant)! A conversion of heroic-raid tokens would also provide an going reward for repeatedly running heroics while waiting for the next GU/expansion.


3. How about some upgraded heroic gear (and/or red or blue adorns) on the Sanctus Seru merchant?



From Forum User - Codan Elessar


I returned to the game last year after a few years away, still have alot of catching up to do...


1.) Enjoyed the crafting in the CD xpac, to me the mastercrafted experimented items were comparable to the better solo loot drops especially when infused and/or leveled. The BoL xpac...not so much. To make a mastercrafted item seems so intensive and costly that it isn't worth the effort. The mastercrafted items also seem so much less desirable than the lowest "trash" loot items that it kinda seals the deal. Please, can the EQ2 team rectify this and bring the joy back to crafting in the next xpac???


2.) When I returned to game was looking forward to my 15 year Veteran Reward when it came time...only to find that they no longer exist. Any chance of that coming back at least on a quinquennial basis with something unique that the loyal players can enjoy and show off???


3.) Dungeon Finder...to the best of my knowledge never worked well. Can the team rework this feature and not just have past dungeons but include the current content from the latest xpac dungeons and heroic zones???


4.) Please can you do something with the Familiar quest so it is not impossible to level our familiars???



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