On April 14, 2020, Norrathian Cowpokes are invited to a tense standoff in the Showdown at Diaku Corral. We've got a few new adventures for those of you with a cool hand, a steady eye, and a quick trigger finger to explore.

When Showdown at Diaku Corral releases on April 14 players will experience three new dungeons of content and quests! Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Solo], Wracklands: Diaku Corral [Heroic], and Wracklands: Showdown at High Noon [Challenge] with challenge having a completely different set of bosses from the first two zones.

GU 114 will also be the launch of Overseer Season 2. It's time for the Overseer system to head into Desert of Flames and start exploring those stories, which means more quests and new agents to discover.  It will also introduce the Overseer leveling system, which will open up new rewards at higher levels. Desert of Flames content, for example,  will open at Overseer level 11.

Finally, with the release of GU 114, we will also be putting in a gift to all EverQuest II players as our way of saying "thank you" for going on these adventures with us and acknowledging we live in trying times. We're calling it the EverQuest II Great Escape Crate. Inside it you'll find: 

A New Mount;

A New Familiar;

A New Bag;

10 Unattuners;

And last, but not least, a surprise! (No seriously, it's a pretty cool surprise.)

Diaku Corral

Since the defeat of Rallos Zek at the hands of Norrathian heroes, the Diaku have been in turmoil, many turning to other gods or losing themselves to despair. But whispers and rumors persist of a band of the ogres that have rejected their brethren and moved to an island off the coast of the Wracklands. Recently you've been hearing tales of a Gnome looking for assistance in exploring this island, but the dangers of the Shining Mesa are many, and adventurers have been lost before. Will you brave the unexplored land?

Get ready to start stirring up trouble and begin some new adventures when GU114: Showdown at Diaku Corral launches on April 14, 2020