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Player Spotlight on Vanesh, the Spirit of Norrath


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

What does it mean to say that someone is the “Spirit of Norrath?” It means that the individual or group of individuals that we’re spotlighting symbolize what makes Norrath and the players that live there such an important part of so many people’s lives. Friendships formed in Norrath, and adventures that Norrathians have together, mean so much to our players in and out of game.

Vanesh has received the honor of being named a Spirit of Norrath. If you haven’t heard about her then check out the #MyEQStory video she created, Dark No More.

Tell us about your video. We’d love to hear your inspiration for its creation, or anything you’d like to share.

When I heard about MyEQStory I wanted to let the developers of the game know just what their game meant to me. If it wasn’t for EverQuest, I may very well still be blind.

I suffered a massive ischemic stroke in my right occipital lobe which left me mostly blind for almost a year. I wasn’t given any sort of physical or mental therapy after the stroke. The doctors believed I was just going to be blind for life so they didn’t even try. 

I decided I wasn’t about to give up on the three things I loved most: my friends, my roleplay, and my favorite game. The friends that EverQuest allowed me to make helped me through the roughest time. Allowing me to heal and calling out names of the people who needed healing over voice chat. As time went by I was able to start seeing things again, although it was dark and extremely difficult. After about a year of playing EverQuest my vision started to get better every day until my vision had nearly completely returned. Even my doctors are still baffled. According to my MRI, I should still be blind.

EverQuest has literally saved my life. It has taught me valuable life lessons about friendships, kindness, and human compassion. The game and the people who play this game gave me my life back. Since then, I’ve spent my waking hours helping others through the game. It was wonderful to have a chance to say thank you.

If we were to tell you that you embody the Spirit of Norrath, what does that mean to you?

When I think of the Spirit of Norrath, I think of something vibrant, adventurous and kind. The world of Norrath is vibrant, countless adventures could be had (and have been had) within it and the community is the kindest community of any MMO in existence.  So being told that I embody the Spirit of Norrath is a great honor. It means to me that my father would be smiling knowing that he raised a kind, creative person who still values the morals he taught me and that Norrath instills in me daily. Norrath has shown me that spreading a little kindness can go a very long way and that helping someone smile can mean the world.

Norrath has given me the opportunity to do that daily. I couldn’t possibly think of a better compliment.

What is your favorite part of your video? What makes it special to you?

Honestly, having the chance to tell the entire SOE team and all those who helped me “THANK YOU” for creating this wonderful world, sharing it with me and giving me my life back.

The “thank you” at the end was my favorite part of the video. To finally be able to say thank you and know that the SOE game development team would to see it was special to me. I couldn’t keep from crying at the end of the video.

What server do you play on? In your opinion what makes your server special?

I currently play on Antonia Bayle and it has been my home for many years. Antonia Bayle is special to me because SO many people will come together to help you when you need it, the community always tries to help one another through player run events like ‘Pay It Forward’ and of course, The Role Play! It has been the best Role Play community out of any game I’ve run into and we’re working hard on making it even better! If it weren’t for the people on Antonia Bayle working SO hard to work around my disability after the stroke, I may have very well given up. Antonia Bayle is the Spirit of Norrath.

Are you in a guild? Share the story of how you came to be involved with them.

The Ebon Syndicate - which is a lawful evil guild run by my two closest friends: Mrrshaw (Purrshaw!) and Vichane. My guild mates are amazing, friendly people who are working together to try and create more open world Role Play on the Antonia Bayle server. We started the guild on the foundation that old slates should be wiped clean and we wanted to help promote guilds coming together to Role Play. Even though Vanesh is a good guy, it has been an absolute blast playing the bad guys! (We’re only bad in character, promise!)


The video was awesome Vanesh, and we appreciate you taking the time to share a bit about yourself with our team, and the community! You really do embody the Spirit of Norrath!

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