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EverQuest II Player Spotlight: Oakcleaver Vacation Escapes


By: Ry “Roshen” Schueller

Did you know many of the things that exist inside of our games were actually put together by our creative player community? In many of our games, a player can design an elaborate home and invite their friends to visit their in-game creation. In our SOE Player Spotlight features, we look for examples of creativity in our player community and share it with you, the reader!

For this Player Spotlight, we’re looking what Kamoj Oakcleaver has built in EverQuest II. We had a chance to chat briefly with Kamoj and learn a bit about the plot of land that has become “Oakcleaver Vacation Escapes.”

Kamoj Oakcleaver 1

What was your inspiration as you designed your home?

I knew immediately that I wanted to turn this vale into a resort. In fact, I knew that as soon as I saw the adventuring area in the game long before it was ever available as a house. So, as soon as I got my hands on it, a resort it became. With all the bamboo and the constantly beautiful weather, I made it a more Asian-inspired open air resort. My thought behind the resort was that we all make characters on other servers to see each other’s homes, so a resort would be a perfect stop over for those traveling off their home servers.

Kamoj Oakcleaver 2

What is your favorite item that you have on display in this home?

That would have to be the bungalows. I spent a lot of time getting them just right, especially with the uneven ground, but I'm totally in love with the end result, so it was worth the time I spent on them!

How can others find your home in game?

It’s on the Oasis server. It can be found on the Hall of Fame on the leaderboards, or it can be located via the Qeynos housing portal, Hua Mein Retreat, under Kamoj.

Here are a few more screenshots from Kamoj that really tell the story of Oakcleaver Vacation Escapes:

Kamoj Oakcleaver 3

Kamoj Oakcleaver wants to make your stay at the resort a memorable one!

Kamoj 4

I was invited to head to the lounge and I was told I could listen to music, but no one mentioned the waterfall.

Kamoj Oakcleaver 5

This is exactly what you think it is. Showers are available to guests for their convenience.

We’re always grateful for the contributions and support from our player community! If you want to see other EverQuest II submissions for Player Spotlight, or want to submit one on behalf of yourself or someone else in the community, see the forum thread here.

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