Time Locked Servers


  • Corrected an issue that allowed Heroic Boosts to bypass the level 300 Destiny of Velious Alternate Advancement points. Characters with over 300 Alternate Advancement points will have them reduced to level 300 upon login.


  • Level 30 Overseers on non-TLE servers should no longer have a chance of being awarded level 60 harvest items.

Population/Zone Progression

Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Raid]

  • The maximum duration you can save a newly created instance of the zone has been increased to 14 days.
  • Mounts can now be summoned within newly created instances of the zone.



  • Corrected an issue with Fatal Followup V that prevented it from inheriting the no avoidance flag.


  • The Frostshadow Tyranodon will now grant level appropriate Potency and Ability Modifier on Time-Locked servers.
  • The Coldborne EverPorter will now show destinations it was previously hiding if certain entrance requirements are met.


  • The Tizmak's Advocate - A Tizmak Hero can no longer be accidentally killed.
  • The Tizmak's Advocate - If an adventurer breaks a Tizmak Hero's encounter, it can be respawned by reentering the trigger location, with no wait time.