With the launch of Destiny of Velious on the Kaladim server, we have a new web pack full of new and requested rewards: the Destiny of Velious Crate! This new pack costs $34.99, contains over $125 in value, and can be purchased multiple times per account. 

Keep reading to see what's inside!


  • The Frostshadow Tyranodon is a flying dinosaur mount that flies. Did you catch that? FLYING TYRANODON! Flying is available as long as Destiny of Velious is unlocked on your server.


  • The Velium Multi-Forge is a handsome addition to any home that's looking for that warm, hygge feeling that only a fully functioning forge can provide to your living room. Also, it allows you to craft recipes from any tradeskill profession right there instead of needing multiple stations. But really, that ambiance. 


  • The Velious Paintings Pack includes a painting of the original box art for Destiny of Velious, plus 5 other paintings on the Velious theme from Legends of Norrath.


  • The Coldborne EverPorter can everport you right outside all of the critical Velious dungeons. You do not want to miss out on this! Plus, if you are playing on live servers, it can also everport you to to all of the critical dungeons in Blood of Luclin and Reign of Shadows. 


  • The Bag of Cold Calamity is an exclusive 66-slot appearance backpack that as a bonus includes a friendly (antagonistic) goblin that will jump out and make faces at people behind you. 


  • EverVital Vitality Vial (2) will grant full adventure and tradeskill vitality and a 2-hour 100% experience bonus.


  • The Glory of Velious Merchant Crate is a 100-slot vendor crate for your goods and goodies. It comes with perks, too, in that it eliminates all broker fees.


  • Journeyman’s Boots of Adventure grant a 15% run speed buff that stacks with current mount or run speed. AND, these will be usable on both Kaladim and Tarinax servers.


  • The Overseer Velious Prelude Pack offers 3 new repeatable Overseer Velious Adventures that everyone can use on Live, Kaladim, and Tarinax servers. These offer exclusive rewards themselves and they do *not* use up one of your repeatable Adventure slots for the day.


Get your Destiny of Velious Crate now!