The year may be coming to a close but there is still plenty of time for you to pick up some new items in the Marketplace! 

Legends of Norrath Season 3 is now available for a limited time and gives you a chance at loot from the Ethernauts, Storm Break, Vengeful Gods, and Dragonbrood series.  Whether it’s a Snow Bunny Helm or tax-free Gorowyn housing license, there is plenty available in a single pack (299 DGC), three pack (799 DGC), or seven packs (1799 DGC). 

New Archon Mercenary crates are also now on the Marketplace!  Each one will give you the chance at Blisterzonk, Deloris Von Gearbender, Grand Restorer Lingwal, Leif Tenderton, or Shorty. 


If you want to keep your combat festive this Frostfell, the Gingerbread mercenaries are back!  If you missed the chance to get one of these tasty companions, they are only here for the holiday season.