“Gifts?” you ask.

“Indeed!” we say. “Gifts, gifts, and more gifts!”

Frostfell is well underway and Norrathians are bundled up, throwing snowballs, festively decorating their homes, and celebrating in true holiday cheer, but there is still more to be had!


Are you feeling extra giving and want to spread the gifts around?

Then you’re in luck! Through the marketplace you can buy the Gifty Bag, which you can use near one of Santa Glug’s Sleighs in The City of Freeport or Qeynos Capitol District to summon Santa Glug’s Lil’ Helper. The Lil’ Helper will give YOU a random gift, and then he’ll run off, dropping 10 other gifts as he goes. Now, this is the season of GIVING and not of GETTING. So, if you summoned Santa Glug’s Lil’ Helper, you won’t be able to take any of the gifts he drops. Those are for your fellow Norrathians. But you do get your own gift at the start, remember, and there will be some unique gifts only you can get as the one who brought the Lil’ Helper to town! You might just get a deed to the Snowy Dwelling or a Miniature Sleigh for your house that will have everyone calling you “Sleigh-er”.

With lots of gift options for the gift givers and receivers, who knows what you’ll get! But you’ll only have 10 minutes to pick up a gift before it disappears! With a little something for everyone, let’s spread the Frostfell cheer!


Are you wanting a few more presents for yourself?

Then you should know that Santa Glug has gotten a bit restless! Every few hours, Santa Glug will visit Qeynos Capitol District and the City of Freeport, but with so many Norrathians on the ‘Nice’ list this year, he is practically overflowing with presents! He has so many that he’ll randomly drop gifts as he runs along. His magical gifts will vanish within the hour so be sure to grab them while you can! Greedy ones beware: to keep you from hogging all the presents, Santa Glug has magicked his gifts so that you can only grab one every few minutes to help give others a chance to snag one too!

Who knows what you might get inside one of these presents? Maybe you’ll get an icy mount known as the Winter King or a Sack of Coal that will have you saying “bah, humbug!” You might even get another present inside the gift you open, but this time it might be a cosmetic pet known as the Red-Striped Sentient Present.

Take a sneak peek at some of the gift options below!



You’ll be able to buy the Gifty Bag for 300 DBC and grab some extra presents from the wandering Santa Glug from Thursday, December 22nd at 12:00PM (Noon) PST through 12:00PM (Noon) PST on  Thursday, January 5th.

Happy Frostfell’ing!