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My EQ Story


by Ry "Roshen" Schueller

Remember EverQuest

Remember when you started EverQuest? Think back. Picture it in your mind. What did you first see when you entered Norrath? What did you hear? Who did you meet? Who did you aspire to be, and what did you aspire to become? You probably said something along the lines of “someday, I will become a heroic warrior, or a dark sorcerer, or a cunning thief.” or any number of other dreams. You may even have done it.

Players all over the world have told us their EQ Stories, and we want to hear yours!

For the past fourteen years millions of players have accomplished great deeds in the world of Norrath. During our adventures we forged alliances with both player and non-player characters in order to achieve things that we would never be able to achieve on our own.

Some have tales of friendships forged during times of hardship, or upbeat stories about a mentor in-game that offered help or advice when they were a very new player. In EverQuest, players are a part of something greater than themselves, and they have banded together time and time again to overcome adversity. These bounds cross great distance and time, and EverQuest has impacted so many members of the community in powerful ways. Here are a few examples.

Your EQ Stories

Moving so often during his younger years, this individual we met during E3 confessed that EverQuest provided a way for him to maintain lasting friendships regardless of where he lived. He tells a few of his fond EQ memories from his childhood years.

Finding the land of Norrath suddenly dark, this player found that the desire to maintain friendships with EverQuest players provided aspiration in her life to strive to regain her vision. Without this motivation, she wonders if she would have regained her vision at all.

Due to forces outside of his control, this person had to quit playing competitive sports. He turned to EverQuest to escape, and found a community to become a part of and a new goal to strive toward : becoming the very best Paladin in the game.

Tell Us Your EQ Story

These are only a few examples. Millions of gamers have lived for a time in Norrath, and every player has a story to tell. And we would like to hear them.

What's your EQ Story? Tell us as we prepare to take the next step into a new Norrath! #MyEQStory

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