By: Erin Oakley

The Shattered Lands are full of magic.  Although some heroes have learned to harness mystical powers for their own use, there are some energies that refuse to be tamed.

Moonlight Enchantments Portal

Legend has it that when the moon shines just right, mysterious portals spring up in the wild places of Norrath.  Any adventurers brave enough to step into the fairy ring will find themselves transported to the homes of some unusual magical creatures:

The Enchanted Brownie Grotto:

Enchanted Brownie Grotto

Join the brownies and fauns for a dance party in Darklight Woods.  If you complete their tasks, they’ll reward you with some exotic trees for your garden.

The Enchanted Fae Grotto:

Enchanted Fae Grotto

The pixies of the Faydark have beautiful flowers and vines for those who earn their favor.

The Enchanted Dryad Grotto:

Enchanted Dryad Grotto

The beautiful tree spirits of Archer’s Woods in Antonica have aquatic-themed items you can procure, like seashells and coral.

The Enchanted Zygomid Grotto:

Enchanted Zygomid Grotto

Get crystals, decorative stones, and of course, mushrooms from the mysterious Zygomids of Nektulos Forest.

The Enchanted Naiad Grotto:

Enchanted Naiad Grotto

The serpentine Naiads offer ferns and exotic shrubs to heroes in the Enchanted Lands.

Each Grotto scales to your level, but you must be at least a Level 2 Artisan to complete the creatures’ tasks.  And keep an eye out for shinies… there’s one rare collectable in every Grotto, and completing the set will earn you some fantastic rewards! 

The Moonlight Enchantments happen monthly from the 20th through the 21st, so don’t miss your chance to grab some magical items!  This month the event will take place from 12:01AM Pacific* on Sunday, October 20th through 11:59PM Pacific* on Monday, October 21st. 

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