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It's the MMOst Wonderful Time of the Year: Looking Forward to SOE Live!


By Erin Oakley

On During August 1-4, 2013, Norrathians, superheroes, dragon riders, futuristic soldiers, and characters of all types will converge on the glittering city of Las Vegas for SOE Live. During their annual fan convention, Sony Online Entertainment will host four days of competitions, panels, and of course, parties!

This will be my third year at the event, and I’m counting down the days till August! Here are the top five things I’m excited about for SOE Live 2013:

Las Vegas

5.  The Location. Gamers love to be entertained, and Las Vegas is a city built with fun in mind. Whether you’re into fancy restaurants, dive bars, or over-the-top shows, there’s always something going on. Pick up one of the free local entertainment guides when you arrive to get the lowdown on the week’s events, then grab your guildies and go explore.  

SOE Live Pool Party

4.  The Pool Party. The banquet is always fun, but there’s nothing quite like SOE Live’s (in)famous pool party. Tasty drinks, great music, hundreds of gamers, and a beautiful pool under the stars - what could be better? Just remember: thanks to the magic of Facebook photos, what happens in Vegas sometimes ends up all over the Internet.

Some SOE Devs. Doing Dev-like things

3.  The SOE Team. It’s great to get the chance to meet the people responsible for the games we love. I can tell from talking to the developers and designers how much they enjoy their work, and how much they like hearing from the inhabitants of the worlds they’ve created. So don’t be shy, go say hello! 

David Georgeson Big Reveal

2.  The Big Reveal of EQN. Like a dragon jealously guarding its treasure, the folks at SOE have been remarkably secretive about their shiny new game. But on Friday, August 2nd, the lucky attendees of SOE Live will get to witness the debut of EverQuest Next in a special Keynote Address. Considering that Ten Ton Hammer and both got a sneak peek and promptly gave EQN their “Best of E3” awards, you won’t want to miss this! 

1. The Players. There’s nothing like having a convention center full of people that will get your obscure references, enjoy your epic raid stories, and truly appreciate the meticulous details of your costume. Plus, it’s always fun to meet your in-game friends IRL and discover that your Halfling guild mate is actually six and a half feet tall.  

So hanging out with other players and feeling like part of an awesome gaming community are the things I’m most excited about at SOE Live. I’m not gonna lie, the bragging rights I’ll have for getting a first look at EverQuest Next don’t hurt, either! 

See you in Vegas!

SOE Live Banner

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