Does your Heroic Character need a place to rest after intense adventuring through Velious and beyond? Perhaps the calming depths of Siren’s Grotto would make a good home. This week’s Marketplace Updates are all designed with that in mind!

Personal Grotto Deed

Give your home a feeling of majestic beauty that is fitting for a stunning siren.

Personal Grotto 1

Personal Grotto 2

Why settle for just a few themed items, when you can get an entire home that looks like it belongs under the sea? The Siren’s Grotto prestige home holds 800 items. 

Grotto Furniture

Wish you were a mermaid? Can't be one? Add this aquatic decor to give your abode that "fish in the sea" vibe.

Grotto Furniture

Seen above: Tavalan Bust, Grotto Glowing Sculpture, Grotto Floor Medallion, and Opalescent Marine Bed.

Grotto Columns

Whether you desire to add additional columns and arches in theme with your Siren’s Grotto prestige home, or want to mix the theme up a bit in a different style of house, these columns are a perfect addition of aquatic architecture.

Grotto Columns

Columns can be purchased separately from the Marketplace or in bundles for players that want multiple pieces and would like to save some SC.

A Grotto Columns Bundle includes:

  • 4x Grotto Half Arch
  • 2x Grotto Arch
  • 3x Grotto Ornate Column
  • 12 x Grotto Column

Grotto Plants

You won’t get tangled up in this seaweed (it hangs on the ceiling, after all). These hanging plants can be purchased separately from the Marketplace. 

Grotto Plant Bundle

A player that wants multiple grotto plants can save a bit of SC by getting these in bundles.

A Grotto Plant Bundle includes:

  • 2x Aqua Hanging Seaweed
  • 2x Red Hanging Seaweed
  • 2x Aqua Netted Seaweed
  • 2x Red Netted Seaweed


Check back weekly because there are always new items being added to the EQII Marketplace. To buy any of these items using your Station Cash, just click the SC button in game, or type /marketplace in your chat window.

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