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SOE Live 2013: Last Day for Online Registration


Are you excited for this year’s SOE Live? Of course you are! We are too, and we’re looking forward to hanging out with you in Las Vegas August 1-4, 2013.

SOE Live is a celebration of ALL SOE games and gamers alike. At SOE Live, fans can meet our developers, party with their friends, compete for prizes, and find out what's coming up for their favorite games! If you want to see what is in store for our fans at SOE Live, you can check out the current lineup here.

However, if you want to come, today is the final day for online registration. Registration closes at 11:59 PM PDT. Registering online saves you money, and guarantees that you won’t miss out on the SOE event of the year. If you’re the type of person that wants to go ‘all-in’ for SOE Live, register now so you won’t miss out on any extras, like doing brunch with the Dev Team. Seating at this event is limited, so you need to sign up in advance if you want to attend.

Friday, August 2, is the worldwide debut of EverQuest Next. If you want to be part of the first group of players and fans to witness the future of EverQuest, you will want to be in attendance. As a neat bonus, our game developers will be on-site and doing panels throughout the weekend, so if you want to, you can also try your luck asking them anything about the game.

This is looking to be our biggest and most exciting SOE Live ever. We hope that you (yes YOU) are able to join us.

SOE Live 2013 Convention

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